How To Celebrate Tom Lea Month in El Paso

El Paso native Thomas C. Lea lived as a quintessential American painter throughout his long, illustrious life. Born and buried here in El Paso, Texas — Lea’s works have maintained fame throughout the generations for unflinching depictions of Texas, North-Central Mexico, and some of the most brutal American wars.

To honor the power and majesty of his works — every October the city of El Paso celebrates Tom Lea Month.

Typical Tom Lea Month Celebrations

Every October, El Paso comes to life with a number of special gatherings, concerts, and art showings around the city. In the past, the El Paso Symphony Orchestra has performed concertos from the likes of Tchaikovsky and other iconic composers. 

Past Tom Lea Month celebrations have also featured conversations with authors at places like the El Paso Public Library, history lessons at Old Fort Bliss, and art showings across El Paso’s best art galleries and museums. 

2020 Tom Lea Month Events

Unsurprisingly, the breadth of Tom Lea Month events will be shortened this year due to COVID-19, however there are still some exciting, safe options still scheduled around town. 

On Saturday, October 3rd,  Dr. Eric Kappas — a professor at Southwest University — will host Herbs and Healing For Your Friends at Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Gardens to demonstrate the healing properties of local plants. 

On October 8th, the founder of the Tom Lea Institute, Adair Margo will help lead a Culture & Cocktails broadcast live from Ellen Noel Museum in Odessa, Texas. 

Check Out El Paso’s Murals This Tom Lea Month

For those of you on the hunt for something distanced, and unofficial this Tom Lea Month in El Paso — try celebrating the late artist by exploring the greatest paintings around town. Be sure to check out the collection of artful and moving murals set about El Paso, Texas. 

In the future, you can also explore some of Tom Lea’s most iconic works, such as the iconic Stampede mural at places like the Ellen Noel Art Museum and the El Paso Museum of Art


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