5 Things We Love About The El Paso Museum of Art

Since its founding in 1959, The El Paso Museum of Art has been a beacon for world-class exhibitions, lively events, and culture in Texas. It is the only accredited art museum within a 250-mile radius, and it features one of the coveted Kress Collections with 57 European works from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. 

Looking forward to times when it’s open and alive again, we’re celebrating five things we love about The El Paso Museum of Art. 

Home To A Fantastic Permanent Collection

No matter when a traveler steps foot into the El Paso Museum of Art, they can be sure to find awe-inspiring works in great abundance. Its impressive permanent collection features works of European origin, Modern & Contemporary foundations, as well as American and Latin American roots. The swirl of influence and creativity across all these categories epitomizes local culture and aesthetic.

Visionary Exhibition Curation

When the world is up and running, The El Paso Museum of Art is home to a fantastic ongoing series of visiting exhibitions. Spanning historic, iconic, and newly discovered works — the program has featured a number of popular displays in recent years including Tom Lea & World War II last year, Gloria Osuna Perez: Beyond Portraits in 2019, and the beloved Joy & Suffering: The El Paso Museum Of Art’s Collection Of Mexican Retablos.

Lively Events Programming

In a given year, The El Paso Museum of Art is one of the most eclectic and expertly curated live events spaces in town. A magnetic local for the best touring musicians, artists, filmmakers, and speakers coming through our city, the space inspires unforgettable gatherings. 

The Location Is Choice

The El Paso Museum of Art is a neighbor of The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park here in the gorgeous neighborhood of Downtown El Paso. Between us is the historic Plaza Theater, and right next door we have San Jacinto Plaza, a tranquil grassy oasis beside our property. This is the place for travelers to soak up culture, fine dining, and premier accommodations.


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