Franklin Mountains Hikes You Don’t Want To Miss

When you’re staying in El Paso, there’s always a wealth of outdoor, natural adventure nearby at Franklin Mountains State Park. Across its near 25,000 acres, there’s a range of elevation eclipsing 7,000 feet, and this vast space features loads of trails to guide hikers. From cave explorations to unforgettable overlooks—these are some Franklin Mountains hikes you don’t want to miss. 

Aztec Cave Trail

The Aztec Cave Trail is a delightful out-and-back that’s just over a mile round trip. Out there, you’re likely to pass by fellow hikers, including bird watchers who can direct your eyes to the more majestic of the local inhabitants. The featured element of this hike is of course the Aztec Cave, which is a fun and historic site. 

South Franklin Mountain: Ron Coleman Trail

This rigorous four-mile loop beckons El Paso’s more serious hikers, and rock climbers too. The near two-thousand feet of elevation rewards its visitors with brilliant mountain-peak lookouts of the park and city, as well as a gorgeous community of wild flowers adorning the trail.

Mundy’s Gap Overlook

Similar to Ron Coleman Trail, Mundy’s Gap totals at about four miles, but features just over 1,000 feet of total elevation. The slightly flatter terrain makes it a popular destination for trail running, as well as horseback riding, and mountain biking.This is another stellar Franklin Mountains trail from which you can check out some wild flowers. 

Thousand Steps Trail

Hikers tend to agree that the Thousand Steps Trail offers a good physical challenge, but that its rocky terrain requires proper hiking footwear. In addition to a vista lookout, the near four-mile trail includes wild flowers, a diverse array of birdlife, and hikers have reported visiting an old military aircraft crash off trail at some point along the way. 

El Paso Tin Mines Trail 

For those who are looking to relish a full afternoon in the great outdoors at Franklin Mountains State Park, enjoy the six-and-a-half mile stroll that will lead you to historic mines, which are an adventure of their own. Be sure to pack plenty of water, and listen out for bats when in the mines to make the most of this fantastic hike in El Paso, Texas. 


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