The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park

Share Your #MyPlaza Story

As The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park prepares to unveil a glamorous reimagining in early 2020, we invite you to contribute to the next era of culture and history through the “My Plaza” campaign. Share your memories of hilarious happenings, unforgettable opportunities, first kisses, engagements, marriages, vacations and family gatherings with us. If you have a photo, that’s even better! We will reshare your stories and memories on the hotel’s Instagram and Facebook channels.


The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park is seeking the following:

  • Stories from those who attended the opening of The Plaza (formerly the Hilton Hotel) in 1930
  • Photos, stories, journal entries, and memories from those who worked, stayed or experienced the hotel throughout the decades
  • Photos and a brief account of those who were engaged, married or celebrated at The Plaza
  • Photos of the hotel such as the exteriors, rooms, restaurant and ballroom from 1930 – 2017
  • Photos of memorabilia such as hotel receipts, menus, invitations, and advertisements, etc.

Submit Your Story

Send us your #MyPlaza story by clicking the button below.

Be sure to include your name and email address, let us know if you are submitting a story about you or on behalf of someone else, attach any photos you would like to share, and of course, tell us your story.