The Best Way to Spend 48 Hours in El Paso

If you have found yourself with a mere 48 hours to explore the wonders of El Paso, let this be a guide to the absolute must-see gems. And when it comes to a stay that will leave unforgettable memories of West Texas in your heart, look no further than The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park.

Explore Hueco Tanks 

The first stop on your trip should be Hueco Tanks State Park. Prepare to go on a journey through time as you explore the rich history preserved within its caves, crevices, and shelters, which are adorned with over 3,000 awe-inspiring pictographs. Among these rock hills, you can also hike and explore the park. Hueco Tanks values its natural treasures, and as such, visitation is limited to safeguard its precious resources. It is recommended to look at reservation options prior to visiting.

Go on a Ghost Tour

Calling all paranormal enthusiasts! If you have an interest in the supernatural, you simply can’t miss the spine-tingling experience of the Haunted Brothel Tour at Ghosts915. Go on a journey through the untold history of El Paso and perhaps even catch a glimpse of ghostly activity lingering in the shadows.

El Paso’s Art and Culture

In the realm of arts and culture, El Paso shines brightly, offering plenty of captivating museums to choose from. Among these, the El Paso Museum of Art stands tall, beckoning you to embark on a visual experience like no other. In this vast collection of art, there is one treasure that demands your undivided attention: the Kress Collection, an outstanding group of oil paintings and sculptures. 

Discover McKelligon Canyon

Step into the breathtaking scenery of McKelligon Canyon, where adventure awaits. With a variety of routes to choose from, every climber can find their perfect ascent and be rewarded with stunning panoramic views. It is also a beloved destination for runners, bikers, and walkers seeking to immerse themselves in nature.

Go on a Journey Along the Historic Mission Trail

If you are interested in the history of El Paso, Mission Trail is the spot for you. Stretching across nine miles, this pathway takes its name from the three founding missions in the region. While the churches serve as the focal point, allow yourself to be enthralled by the other sites, landmarks, and artistic scenes on this trail.

Crystal Lovers Rejoice

The Crystal Mine Museum and Gallery is a true haven for crystal enthusiasts. With a variety of geodes available to look at, you can also add to your personal collection and create a treasure trove that reflects your own unique taste and fascination.

Hike The Crash Site Trail

More advanced hikers will take an interest in the B-36 Crash Site Trail. It is rocky and steep, so it is best to use caution on this trail. At the end of this trail, you will find the B-36 Crash Site, which stands as a memorial to those involved in the crash. Please be considerate of the memorial site when visiting.

Cowboy Boots Galore

A trip to El Paso wouldn’t be complete without some handmade cowboy boots. Famous for their designs, Rockbuster Boots are made by hand right in their building downtown. Although they have a very long ordering process, El Paso boasts numerous other boot factories that are well worth exploring if you wish to leave with a pair of boots in hand.

Wine Enthusiasts Delight

Got an extra day to spend in El Paso? Allow us to present two exceptional wineries that are certainly worth dedicating that time to. The Plaza’s own Chef Acosta recommends La Viña Winery, New Mexico’s oldest winery. They often have several festivals and events going on.

If you are looking for a memorable experience, contact Miller Horse Farm. They have three Ride and Wine Tour options where you can ride on horseback through La Viña vineyards, making your wine tour a unique experience. Zin Valle Vineyards is another recommendation from The Plaza. At this vineyard, you will find remnants of century-old Italian heritage with a Texan twist—a refreshing experience for the palate.

In El Paso, a world of boundless exploration awaits. With each adventure, the possibilities for creating cherished memories are simply endless. And when it comes to finding the perfect place to retreat after a day of exploration, your search ends here, at The Plaza.